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It is now law in Ireland that all dogs must be microchipped and correctly registered on a government approved database. It is important to keep all your details up to date i.e. your address and contact details. We recommend micro-chipping both dogs and cats. It is an inexpensive way to permanently identify your pet. The microchip is inserted under the skin during a consultation and your details are registered on a database so that if your pet goes missing he/she can be returned to you.


We recommend neutering for all pets not intended for breeding. Dogs and cats can be neutered from 6 months of age.. We ensure that your pet recovers quickly from the procedure and can return home on the day of surgery. We provide excellent post-surgical support and care. For more information on neutering please contact the clinic.

Pet Passport

We can apply for an EU passport for your pet and advise you on the necessary measures to take your pet abroad.



Consultations are available with our vets Monday to Saturday. We offer a fully confidential thorough service where we will discuss any worries you may have about your pet’s health.


We offer a complete vaccination service for all small animals and can advise you on the best vaccination protocol for your pet. Our vaccination appointments include a full health check up and advice on worming, flea control and your pet’s diet and weight.

Newbridge Veterinary Clinic


New research is showing that tartar accumulation and associated gum disease can have devastating effects on an animal's overall health. Particularly at risk for disease are the heart, liver and kidney. Our vets include a dental examination in each consultation and can recommend a preventative care programme at home. We can also arrange a complete dental cleaning to remove tartar and calculus and polish the teeth.

Blood work

The clinic has its own in-house blood machine which gives us rapid biochemistry and haematology results. This allows for quick diagnosis for your pet. In addition to these blood tests we also have a progesterone blood machine (see reproduction section for more details)

Newbridge Veterinary Clinic
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